Costume Contest

Creepy faces made by party people

This October, dress up in your favorite costumes and play in one of our escape rooms. Then, share and tag us in your team photo. Each share will enter you into a drawing for a free escape room. Scroll down for the rules of the contest.

Costume Ideas

Clues and Keys Family Escape Rooms

Treehouse Treasure Hunt - Dress as your favorite world explorer, such as Indiana Jones, Dora, or Leif Eriksson. or dress as a character from the Young Explorers series of books.

Family Game Night - Dress as your favorite game characters, such as Mr. Monopoly, Mario, or Colonel Mustard.

Happy Birthday To Me - Dress as a birthday-related character like the Birthday Person, Clown, or Magician.

Scottish Knight - Dress as a medieval character like a Lord, Princess, or Knight. Or dress as a character from the Scottish Knight book.

Fargo Escape Room

Whodunnit - Dress as your favorite detective, such as Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, or Thomas Magnum.

Uff Da Christmas - Dress for the holidays, such as Santa Claus, Jack Frost, or Ugly-Christmas Sweaters.

Grimm End - Dress for a haunted mansion, such as a ghost, vampire, or zombie. Or dress as a character from the Grimm End book.

Toy Wars - Dress up in your favorite toy costume, such as Lego characters, superheroes, or maybe Oompa Loompas.

Puzzled Escape Rooms

Madam Zella's Psychic Parlor - Dress up as a psychic, magician, or Madam Leota from the Haunted Mansion.

Museum of Terror - Dress up as your favorite explorer, such as Indiana Jones or a vampire. Or dress as a character from the Grimm End book.

Murphy's Law Office - Dress up as a judge or lawyer.

Bootlegger Box - Dress up as a flapper, gangster, or any other character from the 1920s.

The Pharaoh - Dress up as a mummy or Egyptian King or Queen.

Krampus - Dress up as Krampus, Santa Claus, or any Christmas character.

Ghost Story - Dress up as Scrooge, the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present or Future, or just a ghost.

Time Machine - Dress up as a steampunk character or any character from the past or future.

And Now the Rules

Here are the rules:

  • Share your team photo and tag Puzzled Escape Rooms, Fargo Escape Room, or Clues and Keys Family Escape Rooms in it.
  • The post must be publicly shared for us to see it and for you to be entered into the drawing.
  • Costumes are optional. You don't need to dress in costume to enter. It just makes it more fun.
  • There is no need to play an escape room to enter. Post something nice about one of our locations and tag that location in the post.
  • Each share counts as one entry in the drawing.
  • No more than ten entries per person per location.
  • The post must be done between October 1, 2023, and October 31, 2023, to be included in the drawing.
  • There will be one drawing for each of our three locations, so share a photo from an escape room at each location.

Start entering today!